About Us

Creating confidence that truly shines from the inside out. Seek.The.Beat is so much more than health and beauty services. This one-of-a-kind business focuses on the overall well-being of each client we have the honor to work alongside. From cosmetics and skincare to spiritual healing, the mission of everything we do is to provide a transformative experience. My name is LaMya, Founder and CEO of Seek.The.Beat. I started my journey in the beauty industry by graduating from the esthetician program at Paul Mitchell in 2017. My first jobs were as a makeup artist for the makeup brands Dior and Bobby Brown. Not long after taking these roles, I moved from my home state of Missouri to California to earn my license. While working in both makeup and as an esthetician, I grew a passion for a wide range of services. I began pursuing education in waxing, eyelash extensions, and more. Every new venture was an exciting chance to improve my offerings for clients.
As one door closed in my career, another opened where I was able to expand my services with Seek.The.Beat to more than just makeup. For three years, I built up my clientele and created a name for myself in various specialties. When it came time for me to step out into my own space, I was going through a personal transition period, as well. I began to search for ways to heal and grow within myself.connect with my clients on a deeper level. This is how Seek.The.Beat became the multi-faceted company it is today.
Not only do we provide the aesthetic services everyone desires to feel good on the outside, but we also create a place where our clients can find spiritual wholeness along their own journeys. Our goal is to provide the insight and resources needed to reach your highest self. All of this together is what Seek.The.Beat is all about; finding harmony in every aspect of life for true fulfillment and joy. If you’re looking for a community of support and truly care about who you are as a person, we are thrilled and welcome you to join us for whatever you may be seeking.

Our mission

Seek.The.Beat is here to awaken your spirit! We assist and educate you on your journey of wellness by providing beauty and holistic exercises that will align directly to you. Allow us to help you reach the highest version of self! Seek.The.Beat takes great pride in creating a divine experience for each individual. 



a healthy mind keeps the brain exercised regularly, and stress and worry are kept at bay by choice. Positive thoughts, gratitude, and a feeling of joy are present, and there is a thirst for knowledge and learning



A healthy body naturally wants to move and seeks activity. Bodily health is also made possible by a healthy diet, good nutrition, and regular exercise.



 A healthy spirit requires love.
Being spiritual is being centered and having an understanding that you are part of something much bigger than yourself.

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